Advertise with us

Our space is ideal for products and services, providing direct access
and contact with both children and with their companions, due to high traffic
to our site and the fact that visitors stay at least three to four hours.
Wanting to offer the possibility and opportunity for some professionals to
enhance their image while serving the communication objectives we designed
a series of advantages – facilities, which will accompany your presence on our site.

  1. Delivery of any form of promotional material you send to us
    (advertising packages, promotional gifts, printed material).
  2. Promotional stands, above, construction etc., we send to locations jointly decide.
  3. Organization of various games and events designed to display your products.
  4. Company or product promotion through our site on the Internet
    (there is the possibility of placing link to your website).
  5. Company or product promotion as a sponsor through the posters on this site.